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frequently asked questions.

q ) i'm having trouble placing an ad on houseseller, I get a strange error message, or nothing comes up but a blank page?
a ) please check that you have cookies enabled on your browser. also, norton internet security, or similar, can mess with your cookie settings. you need to turn security to accept temporary cookies (sessions).

q ) i'm trying to edit my ad but i get an error page. what is going wrong?
a ) maybe you found a bug in our site. please contact us to let us know exactly what you were doing on the site and what went wrong and the error message you received.

q ) i put in my email address but didn't received a confirmation email after placing my listing, can you help me?
a ) if you entered an email address with your listing and didn't receive an automatic confirmation message after submitting your ad, then please check your spam filters/folder. if it is not there, please find your ad on our website and make sure you entered your email address correctly (most common mistake)

q ) i have just placed an ad and when i do a search it doesn't come up?
a ) ads are indexed (for the search) every night, initially you will only be able to find your ad on houseseller's front page, or by clicking through to your area.
please try the search again tomorrow.

q ) i haven't received any calls/emails after placing my listing?
a ) houseseller is built on top of new zealand's original flatfinding website. our flatfinder.co.nz website receives over 10,000 unique visitors and 80,000 page views per week. if you do not receive any enquiries, please try to find your listing on our site and check that your contact details are correct. please also check your spam filters (especially hotmail/yahoo).

q ) i would like to remove my ad, but don't know how?
a ) the easiest way to remove your ad is to find your ad on the site, click the 'admin' button on that page, then just enter your password and click remove. If you can't find your ad or forgot your password, you can try our password retrieval tool here (you can only use this if you entered an email address with your ad).
note: unless renewed, your ad will expire in 8 weeks.

q ) i misplaced my ad number (id), can you help me?
a ) if you have lost your ad number (id), please try to find your ad listing on our website and then click the 'admin' link on that page to remove/edit/rerun your ad. you will need to know your password. if you entered an email address, you can use the password recovery tool here to recover all your ad details.

q ) i have lost my password, can you send it to me?
a ) if you entered a valid email address when you placed your listing, your password and ad number (id) will be in your inbox. if you want us to reset your password
and you entered an email address, you can use the password recovery tool here to recover all your ad details. if you didn't enter an email address, send us the ad id number or a link to the ad listing. if you can't find your ad on our site, chances are it has expired already. if you are still getting calls see next q.

q ) my ad has been removed/expired but i am still getting calls and/or it shows up on a google search. how do i stop this from happening?
a ) google spiders our website and indexes content. once your ad has expired your contact information is removed from the listing and the page is set to no-indexing. this causes google to remove it from their search engine cache on next spidering. if you are still getting calls it is because people have printed your ad, or are viewing their internet providers cache (usually international) or google cache instead of the website.

q ) my ad has been removed/expired but my contact details still show up on the site. how do i stop this from happening?
a ) first try a 'power refresh' by holding Ctrl and pressing F5 key when on your listing. this will re-download the page so you can see the page that is live.
note: if you have added your contact details to the description box on the ad listing then they will still remain there after the ad has been expired unless you log-in and edit the description. houseseller only removes contact information that was placed into the contact phone, email boxes on the listing.

q ) i want to talk to someone about my listing or about houseseller?
a ) please use the email address or contact form below
to get in touch with us. if you don't receive an automatic confirmation message then check your spam filters and make sure you entered your email address correctly (most common mistake).

please use the following email or the form below to contact us  

note. to protect our mail box from incoming spam, you will need to type our email address (above) into your email software


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